Thanks for visiting my blog. This little slice of heaven is meant to serve as a "sketchbook" for my design work as well as my illustrations. Hopefully you will enjoy what you see here.

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#Illustration: Merry Christmas

I just finished this illustration for Webb AV's Christmas card that they will be sending out in the next few days. It was a lot of fun to illustrate something specific to them and the industry they operate in.


#IllustrationFriday: Prehistoric

I have so many illustrations of dinosaurs and dragons (some of which I will try and post this week), I thought of going in a bit of a different direction for the theme "Prehistoric" for Illustration Friday. Enjoy (and chack back later to see at least a handful of dino and dragon sketches).


#Logo and #Webdesign: Alan Smith Consulting

I just finished with this logo and website design a few days ago. I love combos like this—it allows me to practice two of my skills at once; web and logo design.


#IllustrationFriday: Savor

Almost didn't make it again. Here is my submission for Illustration Friday's theme for this week; savor. Nothing says savor like chocolate, right? This little pig agrees. Nothing like licking the spoon, bowl, pan, etc. whenever chocolate is involved.

Savor the good things in life; you never know when they will come to an end.


#IllustrationFriday: Burning

Okay, I know I am late in submitting it, but I've had the idea all week long and just now finished the pencil version of this. Look for a colored version to hit this blog in the next 5–7 days, hopefully sooner than that.


#Illustration: Fishin' Pig colored

Okay, here's the colored version I promised you all yesterday. I think it turned out pretty good—I might have gone overboard with the spots a little... I definitely am going to try and do a colored pencil version of this.


#Illustration: Fishin' Pig Silhouette

I thought I'd give you all a treat. Here's a silhouette of my latest illustration. I will post the finished, colored version later this week. I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out—I might even try a couple of mediums on this one.


#IllustrationFriday: Spent

The theme for this week's topic on Illustration Friday was "spent". Hmmm, not my favorite topic, but nonetheless, I found something that I could use. The original title of this piece is "The Bear Essentials". Appropriate and fitting, don't you think? So, let's just say that this bear has "spent" time and money making sure he has the "bear essentials".


#IllustrationFriday: Racing

This is an illustration I did for fun a while ago, and it just so happens to fit the weekly topic of "#racing" from Illustration Friday. I am sure anyone that lives where it snows is more than aware of the "flying saucer" plastic discs of death.


#Illustration: Dead Frenchies

This is actually a repost of an earlier post from who knows when, but anyways. Thought this was appropriate for this time of the year, with All Hallows Eve almost upon us.



#Illustration: Stand Back

#illustration #jeremyenglish

A fun little drawing I finally got around to coloring. I like the concept—I'm just not it's done... I'll give it a few days.


#Logo: Utah Brazilian Festival

#logo #jeremyenglish #UtahBrazilianFestival

Here are a few sample logos I pitched for the 6th Annual Utah Brazilian Festival. Not sure if any of them will be used.


#Illustration: Coffee House sketches

#illustration #jeremyenglish #coffeehouse #sketch

Thought I'd share this with you all. I am developing a line of illustration icons that will be called Coffee House. Here are the preliminary sketches.

#Logo: DJs On Tha Run

#logo #jeremyenglish #DJsOnThaRun #hiphop

Doing this logo for a local DJ was fun simply for the fact that growing up in Glendale (Utah) I saw my fair share of "tagging" on buildings, etc. and this brought back all those memories.

#Web Design: International Music Syndicate

#webdesign #jeremyenglish

I had a lot of fun with this one mainly because they wanted it to have rich, enticing and elegant colors. As you can see, they asked and received. The site can be viewed here.


#Logos: TAC 2012

#logo #jeremyenglish #TAC2012 #heritagemakers

This was the proposed logo for Heritage Makers TAC2012 trip. It was all but done when someone pulled the plug on it. Oh, well.

#Web Design: Heritage Makers

#webdesign #heritagemakers #jeremyenglish

This is one of my most recent ads that I did for Heritage Makers. Amazing what you can do with a little stock photography and imagination.


#Logos: Take a Chance

#logo #jeremyenglish #takeachance #heritagemakers

This was a really fun logo I did for Heritage Makers. It was for their summer incentive for the consultants last year leading up to their annual convention. The convention was in Las Vegas.


#Illustration: Details (Let Your Mind Wander)

#illustration #jeremyenglish #detail

This is an illustration that I finished back in 2008. It's on an 11x17 sheet of paper. I have a few illustrations like this, although this is the largest one. All done with a Pilot pen. Super fun to go back and look at. I added the enlarged circle area to help show off the detail.


#Illustration: Green Apple in crayon

#illustration #jeremyenglish #apple

I thought I'd share this simple piece with you all. It's an apple (I know, really?) done on yellow construction paper in crayon with the tiniest bit of ball point pen.


Logos: Heritage Home

Here's a blast from my past. I did these logos for a Heritage Maker regional event back in the day. Funny, they didn't end up using them. Some of the best ideas are blurry to those not wearing the design glasses.


Illustration: Celebrating July

In honor of two great countries, let's all celebrate July.

Web Design: Joel Tobey

This is the home page design I did for a friend. He'll do all the programming—I am no good with ones and zeros. One of his favorite colors is purple, but I used it sparingly. Didn't want people to confuse him with a winery in Napa Valley. See the site here.


Logos: Bluprint Digital

Here's a logo that I really enjoyed doing. It was really a lot of fun to come up with the mark—I will post some of my sketches and the business cards later. For now, enjoy the logo.


Logos: PC Medic Pros

I did this logo for a friend of mine over the weekend. I think it turned out pretty well. I do enjoy being creative—sometimes the simplest things bring me the greatest pleasure.


Illustration: Pink Umbrella, color

Here's the colored version of Pink Umbrella. Cute lil' gator.


Illustration: Pink Umbrella, pencil vs. live trace

I thought I'd post something to show you the difference between a pencil sketch (on the left) and the final live trace version from Illustrator (on the right). Look for a colored version of this illustration coming soon.


Illustration: Sick Dragon, colored

Here is the colored version of the previous illustration. Not too bad—thanks for the color suggestion, Audrey.


Illustration: Sick Dragon

Oh my, oh my. Looks like this guy has a bad case of "the spots". Look for a colored version soon. Anybody have a suggested color scheme? I might consider it, if I think it will work. Leave a reply to this post.


Illustration: Ninja Boy

I sketched this out the other day during a meeting. Turned out to be a pretty decent illustration. I used to dress just like this, back in the day—minus the sword, and most of the time I wore shoes. Simple, yet compelling.


Illustration: Fighter Jet

I illustrated a set of jet, tank and helicopter awhile ago (probably at least a few years) and finally am getting around to coloring them. This one turned out quite well, I think.


Labels: Java Lava (coffee)

I came across these the other day while sifting through the designs of the past. I remember doing these. It was a lot of fun—unfortunately, like with a good majority of my creations, these labels were not used.


Illustration: Cute Pencils

So, I subscribe to several emails and newsletters that deal with illustration and design. This morning I read an interesting article on the way to work talking about "cute character design". Click here to read the article. I did these three illustrations roughly based on the article. I have always thought of my illustrative style as "cute with a twist".


Illustration: Piggy Longstocking

Love the playful, spring colors of this illustration. This was a fun one to draw, and color.


Illustration: Bad Day Ogre

This is the colored version to my "bad day". Turned out pretty good, I think.


Logos: Many Faces One Voice

I did this logo for a non-profit organization. This one had a few solid sketches that would have also worked, but I am glad they chose to go with this one.

Logos: BW Clothing

Here's a few samples of a logo that I did some roughs for. That's about as far as it went. Sad, this could have been really cool in some retro 50s color.


Illustration: Protesting Pig

If you've ever wanted to protest something, make sure you bring your protesting pig along—they get the point across, plus they taste good.


Labels: Summer Drinks

This was a summer drink line I did when I worked at For Every Body. These were labels for the small tins.

Heritage Makers Passport Stamps

As part of this summer's incentive for Heritage Makers consultants, I designed passport "stamps" as well as a passport for them to track their progress. It was fun once I got the basic idea down.


Illustration: iPod Nephite

I did this illustration awhile ago for a friend. He wanted a Nephite listening to an iPod.

Freelance: Guru's The Office poster

This is a promotional poster I did for Guru's, a local restaurant in Provo, promoting season six of The Office, which they would be on in the restaurant for the patrons.

Illustration: T-shirt art

This was a t-shirt design I did for one of Heritage Makers independent consultants. The event this was for was held in Las Vegas, so I think it was appropriate.


Labels: Fruit

I recently came across these labels that I did way back in the day. I did both the design and the photography. I think they turned out really well. Too bad they were never used.

Illustration: Oh, Yeah? Dragon

I just finished coloring this one tonight. This one was fun to draw and color. I like the dark gray color and I really like the horns.


Illustration: Dragon

This sketch was done in Photoshop from scratch. No pencil and paper here, just my Wacom tablet and imagination.


Illustration: Food and Kitchen Utensils

I did these for Heritage Makers. It was a fun project. I would like to do more, sometime.