Thanks for visiting my blog. This little slice of heaven is meant to serve as a "sketchbook" for my design work as well as my illustrations. Hopefully you will enjoy what you see here.

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Illustration: Skull

This is a drawing I did in the computer one day... just for fun. I really like the scribbly details on the bone. It was a lot of fun to do.


Illustration: Easter Bunny

This is my latest illustration. It's a little twisted, if you think about it long enough. The Easter Bunny eating a chocolate Easter Bunny. I think the caption might be "Hey, they do taste like chicken."


Candle Labels: Halloween Line

This Halloween line for For Every Body was really fun to do. The artwork was especially fun; all hand-drawn and colored in Photoshop.

Movie Time

When I worked at For Every Body, I liked to take pictures of the employees and incorporate them into movie posters, either made up movies or real ones. I took this one a little further, creating the poster, a DVD case and the artwork for the soundtrack.

There will be more movie posters coming soon.


Event Screens: Heritage Makers Reunion 2008

These are a few samples of the screens that I designed for Heritage Makers Reunion event in Anaheim (2008). These appeared on three screens that spanned the stage. They were a lot of fun to design.

Labels: Blinker Fluid

This was a joke label I did for Mike Wheeler, who worked for For Every Body at the same time I did. I was still pretty green behind the ears when I did this—I remember because I did it all in Photoshop, even the type. Yikes!

Cards: Mother's Day Cards

These were among the first things that I designed for Heritage Makers. There are also Father's Day versions of these.

Logos: School Pool

Here are a few logo concepts I did for a friend. The concept was an online community.

Candle Labels: Divorce Line

This was an idea that I came up with while working at For Every Body, a candle company in Lindon, Utah. As fun as it was, it never got off the ground and into production.