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#IllustrationFriday: Racing

This is an illustration I did for fun a while ago, and it just so happens to fit the weekly topic of "#racing" from Illustration Friday. I am sure anyone that lives where it snows is more than aware of the "flying saucer" plastic discs of death.


Miss Robinson said...

Love it, especially the head coming off! We do get snow, but sadly no hills in Cambridgeshire... *sob*

Tracy said...

Uh oh! He's losing his head! :)

Linda Hensley said...

It's nice to think snowmen can have fun. Nice :)

Miss Robinson said...

Hi Jeremy, thanks for commenting. Yes- all digital- it makes less mess in a confined space!

psychopooch said...


Juan Carlos Partidas said...

haha... Great, funny illustration!!!!

Alex said...

'flying saucer plastic discs of death' - genius!

Failing that, we had thick bin liners and cardboard - equally terrifying

Great illustration