Thanks for visiting my blog. This little slice of heaven is meant to serve as a "sketchbook" for my design work as well as my illustrations. Hopefully you will enjoy what you see here.

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Illustration: iPod Nephite

I did this illustration awhile ago for a friend. He wanted a Nephite listening to an iPod.

Freelance: Guru's The Office poster

This is a promotional poster I did for Guru's, a local restaurant in Provo, promoting season six of The Office, which they would be on in the restaurant for the patrons.

Illustration: T-shirt art

This was a t-shirt design I did for one of Heritage Makers independent consultants. The event this was for was held in Las Vegas, so I think it was appropriate.


Labels: Fruit

I recently came across these labels that I did way back in the day. I did both the design and the photography. I think they turned out really well. Too bad they were never used.

Illustration: Oh, Yeah? Dragon

I just finished coloring this one tonight. This one was fun to draw and color. I like the dark gray color and I really like the horns.


Illustration: Dragon

This sketch was done in Photoshop from scratch. No pencil and paper here, just my Wacom tablet and imagination.


Illustration: Food and Kitchen Utensils

I did these for Heritage Makers. It was a fun project. I would like to do more, sometime.


Freelance: Guru's Flicks on the Bricks

This is a poster I did for a local restaurant in Provo advertising summer movies and dinner.

Web Design: Style sheets for Music Teacher's Helper

These are some style sheets I did for a freelance client for his customers.

Illustration: Colored Pencil Fruit

I did these a while ago. They are ball point pen and colored pencil.

Illustration: Happy Little Pig

I guess I have a thing for pigs.


Illustration: Prehistoric Sushi

I drew this sometime last year, but never got around to coloring it until now. I have a lot of illustrations that are done, but uncolored.


Illustration: Teed Off

I really enjoy coloring the illustrations I do almost as much as I enjoy drawing them. Thank goodness for photoshop...


Movie Time

Ashley & Robyn. This movie poster was themed after Thelma & Louise. The photo of the crunched car is real—they were running some errands and pulled out of the gas station down the street from where they worked and bam!


Movie Time

Country Club: Back Nine. This was a movie poster I did staring myself and my good friend Jared. We were trouble at FEB. Fun times. I do miss the yellow shirt...