Thanks for visiting my blog. This little slice of heaven is meant to serve as a "sketchbook" for my design work as well as my illustrations. Hopefully you will enjoy what you see here.

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#Logo: Sunset Lake Properties

Here is a logo that I recently had the privilege of designing for a client. I also did a website, and will post that later.


#Logo and #Website: Coverstruck

Here's another logo I recently finished, along with the website (sample below). This was a great project to work on.


#Logo: Eagle One Publishing

This is a logo I put together for Eagle One Publishing last year. Unfortunately, they decided not to use it. I really enjoyed doing this one; my favorite part is the mark with the "e" and "o".


#Illustration: Merry Christmas

I just finished this illustration for Webb AV's Christmas card that they will be sending out in the next few days. It was a lot of fun to illustrate something specific to them and the industry they operate in.


#IllustrationFriday: Prehistoric

I have so many illustrations of dinosaurs and dragons (some of which I will try and post this week), I thought of going in a bit of a different direction for the theme "Prehistoric" for Illustration Friday. Enjoy (and chack back later to see at least a handful of dino and dragon sketches).


#Logo and #Webdesign: Alan Smith Consulting

I just finished with this logo and website design a few days ago. I love combos like this—it allows me to practice two of my skills at once; web and logo design.


#IllustrationFriday: Savor

Almost didn't make it again. Here is my submission for Illustration Friday's theme for this week; savor. Nothing says savor like chocolate, right? This little pig agrees. Nothing like licking the spoon, bowl, pan, etc. whenever chocolate is involved.

Savor the good things in life; you never know when they will come to an end.


#IllustrationFriday: Burning

Okay, I know I am late in submitting it, but I've had the idea all week long and just now finished the pencil version of this. Look for a colored version to hit this blog in the next 5–7 days, hopefully sooner than that.


#Illustration: Fishin' Pig colored

Okay, here's the colored version I promised you all yesterday. I think it turned out pretty good—I might have gone overboard with the spots a little... I definitely am going to try and do a colored pencil version of this.


#Illustration: Fishin' Pig Silhouette

I thought I'd give you all a treat. Here's a silhouette of my latest illustration. I will post the finished, colored version later this week. I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out—I might even try a couple of mediums on this one.


#IllustrationFriday: Spent

The theme for this week's topic on Illustration Friday was "spent". Hmmm, not my favorite topic, but nonetheless, I found something that I could use. The original title of this piece is "The Bear Essentials". Appropriate and fitting, don't you think? So, let's just say that this bear has "spent" time and money making sure he has the "bear essentials".


#IllustrationFriday: Racing

This is an illustration I did for fun a while ago, and it just so happens to fit the weekly topic of "#racing" from Illustration Friday. I am sure anyone that lives where it snows is more than aware of the "flying saucer" plastic discs of death.


#Illustration: Dead Frenchies

This is actually a repost of an earlier post from who knows when, but anyways. Thought this was appropriate for this time of the year, with All Hallows Eve almost upon us.