Thanks for visiting my blog. This little slice of heaven is meant to serve as a "sketchbook" for my design work as well as my illustrations. Hopefully you will enjoy what you see here.

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Illustration: Ninja Boy

I sketched this out the other day during a meeting. Turned out to be a pretty decent illustration. I used to dress just like this, back in the day—minus the sword, and most of the time I wore shoes. Simple, yet compelling.


Illustration: Fighter Jet

I illustrated a set of jet, tank and helicopter awhile ago (probably at least a few years) and finally am getting around to coloring them. This one turned out quite well, I think.


Labels: Java Lava (coffee)

I came across these the other day while sifting through the designs of the past. I remember doing these. It was a lot of fun—unfortunately, like with a good majority of my creations, these labels were not used.


Illustration: Cute Pencils

So, I subscribe to several emails and newsletters that deal with illustration and design. This morning I read an interesting article on the way to work talking about "cute character design". Click here to read the article. I did these three illustrations roughly based on the article. I have always thought of my illustrative style as "cute with a twist".


Illustration: Piggy Longstocking

Love the playful, spring colors of this illustration. This was a fun one to draw, and color.


Illustration: Bad Day Ogre

This is the colored version to my "bad day". Turned out pretty good, I think.


Logos: Many Faces One Voice

I did this logo for a non-profit organization. This one had a few solid sketches that would have also worked, but I am glad they chose to go with this one.

Logos: BW Clothing

Here's a few samples of a logo that I did some roughs for. That's about as far as it went. Sad, this could have been really cool in some retro 50s color.


Illustration: Protesting Pig

If you've ever wanted to protest something, make sure you bring your protesting pig along—they get the point across, plus they taste good.


Labels: Summer Drinks

This was a summer drink line I did when I worked at For Every Body. These were labels for the small tins.

Heritage Makers Passport Stamps

As part of this summer's incentive for Heritage Makers consultants, I designed passport "stamps" as well as a passport for them to track their progress. It was fun once I got the basic idea down.