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#IllustrationFriday: Spent

The theme for this week's topic on Illustration Friday was "spent". Hmmm, not my favorite topic, but nonetheless, I found something that I could use. The original title of this piece is "The Bear Essentials". Appropriate and fitting, don't you think? So, let's just say that this bear has "spent" time and money making sure he has the "bear essentials".


#IllustrationFriday: Racing

This is an illustration I did for fun a while ago, and it just so happens to fit the weekly topic of "#racing" from Illustration Friday. I am sure anyone that lives where it snows is more than aware of the "flying saucer" plastic discs of death.


#Illustration: Dead Frenchies

This is actually a repost of an earlier post from who knows when, but anyways. Thought this was appropriate for this time of the year, with All Hallows Eve almost upon us.