Thanks for visiting my blog. This little slice of heaven is meant to serve as a "sketchbook" for my design work as well as my illustrations. Hopefully you will enjoy what you see here.

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#Logos: Take a Chance

#logo #jeremyenglish #takeachance #heritagemakers

This was a really fun logo I did for Heritage Makers. It was for their summer incentive for the consultants last year leading up to their annual convention. The convention was in Las Vegas.


#Illustration: Details (Let Your Mind Wander)

#illustration #jeremyenglish #detail

This is an illustration that I finished back in 2008. It's on an 11x17 sheet of paper. I have a few illustrations like this, although this is the largest one. All done with a Pilot pen. Super fun to go back and look at. I added the enlarged circle area to help show off the detail.


#Illustration: Green Apple in crayon

#illustration #jeremyenglish #apple

I thought I'd share this simple piece with you all. It's an apple (I know, really?) done on yellow construction paper in crayon with the tiniest bit of ball point pen.


Logos: Heritage Home

Here's a blast from my past. I did these logos for a Heritage Maker regional event back in the day. Funny, they didn't end up using them. Some of the best ideas are blurry to those not wearing the design glasses.


Illustration: Celebrating July

In honor of two great countries, let's all celebrate July.

Web Design: Joel Tobey

This is the home page design I did for a friend. He'll do all the programming—I am no good with ones and zeros. One of his favorite colors is purple, but I used it sparingly. Didn't want people to confuse him with a winery in Napa Valley. See the site here.